Security Simplified

Protect Cloud
Workflows & Data
from Threats

Protect against ransomware and safeguard sensitive data faster with improved visibility, control and operational efficiency.


Stop Malware

Data security adds defense in depth. Detect and manage advanced threats in cloud-native application workflows and data lakes built using AWS storage. Cloud Storage Security:

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Harnesses the power of multiple industry-leading antimalware engines.
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Runs in your environment, so data doesn't leave.
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Is one of the top subscribed products in AWS Marketplace.

Prevent Data Loss

Discover, classify and quarantine sensitive data to support compliance and security mandates. 

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Built to simplify classification in a complex environment.
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Harnesses three decades of DLP experience.
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Pinpoints sensitive data where it resides and automatically quarantines files.

Trust the Data You
Transfer & Migrate

Easily scan incoming files for malicious code and sensitive data when ingesting data using AWS Transfer Family.

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Allows only clean or classified data to be used by automatically quarantining files.
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Runs without impacting end users or application workflows.
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Scans all file sizes, including XL files.
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Building Better Data Security

iPipeline is building a digitized ecosystem for the life insurance and wealth management industries.


In this exclusive interview, learn what makes iPipeline a forward-thinking company when it comes to data protection in the cloud and why they migrated to AWS as well as what they value most about working with CSS.

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About Cloud Storage Security

Cloud Storage Security is dedicated to solving the security and compliance challenges surrounding storage in the cloud by helping organizations to prevent the spread of malware and simplify data classification in complex environments.

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