Managed File Transfer

Simplify Transfers and Protect Data

Ensure the data that is moved into Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS via AWS Transfer Family is safe to use and has the right controls in place with Cloud Storage Security

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Security Considerations
for Cloud Data Transfers

Unsecured data creates risk for organizations as they move more of their data to and within the cloud.  Enterprise Strategy Group shares recent research on  ransomware, loss of sensitive data, and data security.

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The Easy Button For
Transferring Files Into AWS

Simplify migrations and file transfers

AWS Transfer Family provides a serverless endpoint that you can configure to accept file transfer requests for Amazon S3 or Amazon EFS. These endpoints support transfer protocols that include Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), Applicability Statement 2 (AS2), File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 


Authenticate users without changing your workflow

AWS Transfer Family integrates with your identity providers (IdP) to authenticate users without changing your workflow.


Collect data from multiple parties & migrate data from different environments

Common use cases for Transfer Family include data backup and recovery, data migration from on-prem or other cloud platforms, content distribution, and data sharing / collaboration.


Integrate with the tools you’re already using

Read about AWS Transfer Family on AWS.


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Trust the Data You
Transfer & Migrate

Enhance threat detection

Cloud Storage Security (CSS) combines antimalware scanning and data classification, employing industry-trusted engines.

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Improve outcomes

We provide broader file type coverage, the ability to scan large files, and increased scan performance.

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Automate, automate, automate

Our workflow automatically quarantines malicious files or files with sensitive data. 

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Integrate with the tools you’re already using

CSS Integrates with security services like AWS Security Hub for additional analysis.

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What ESG & AWS Have to Say

Cloud Storage Security sat down with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and AWS Transfer Family to discuss file transfer and data security. Watch now.

The Benefits of Securing Your Cloud
Data Transfers

Establishing a secure, ransomware-resilient data transfer process that also accounts for sensitive data is paramount when migrating to the cloud or transferring files within it.

In this chat, Enterprise Strategy Group and Cloud Storage Security share practical insights including:

  • bullet-icon Current cloud migration trends
  • bullet-icon The ransomware attack frequency and impact
  • bullet-icon Challenges of classifying data in the cloud
  • bullet-icon Solutions that enable any organization to secure data when moving files

Antivirus for Managed File Transfers Demo

As B2B data transfers continue to grow, ransomware remains prolific. To reduce risk of infiltration, extortion, and data loss, organizations are modernizing their file transfer strategy.

In this demo, AWS Transfer Family and Cloud Storage Security show you how to:

  • bullet-icon Securely move file exchange workloads to AWS storage
  • bullet-icon Manage file transfers from one place
  • bullet-icon Easily scan files for ransomware and other malicious code
  • bullet-icon Ensure only clean data is allowed for use all without impacting end users or application integrations