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What's New: Antivirus for Amazon S3 Product Updates—June 2022

Cloud Storage Security is always working to improve our users’ experience and we’re excited to share the following Antivirus for Amazon S3 update: support for Amazon WorkDocs.


Amazon WorkDocs Scanning

We're happy to announce that Antivirus for Amazon S3 now supports malware detection in Amazon WorkDocs with event driven scanning!  Following our simple-to-protect philosophy, you can easily enable protection and quarantining of files stored and managed within Amazon WorkDocs.

Event driven scanning scans data in near real time any time an object is created/modified. Antivirus for Amazon S3 places an event destination/handler onto the protected buckets which listen for these events to trigger scanning. This allows Antivirus for Amazon S3 to easily plugin to any existing workflow you have without modifications. The process follows these steps:

  1. An object is added to a protected bucket
  2. An event is raised and sent to an SNS Topic
  3. Antivirus for Amazon S3 provides an SQS Queue which subscribes to the Topic
  4. One or more Antivirus for Amazon S3 agents are monitoring the queue
  5. Entries are pulled from the queue identifying the object to scan. The object is retrieved and scanned
  6. Objects are handled according to the Scan Settings you have set
    a. All objects are tagged
    b. Infected files are moved to a quarantine bucket (default behavior)

Reference event driven scanning in our Help Docs for more information. 


SSL Certificate Update

We made console and API Agent updates to support updated built-in SSL certificate


Reference our Help Docs for additional information.  Start a free 30 day trial today in AWS Marketplace



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