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What's New: CSS Product Updates—September 2023

Cloud Storage Security (CSS) is always working to improve our users’ experience and we’re excited to share the following noteworthy improvements to our antivirus and data classification platform: the addition of EBS and EFS scanning, problem files rescan functionality, proactive monitoring, and more.


Support for EBS and EFS Volumes

CSS's cloud data security platform now supports virus scanning and data classification for EBS volumes and EFS volumes. Console version 7.01.001 (or newer) is required. To learn more, read the full announcement.


Protection Updated in Management Console Navigation

The Protection section of the CSS console, accessible via sidebar navigation, now links to pages that inventory customers' Amazon S3 buckets, EBS volumes, EFS volumes, and WorkDocs connections.


Protection Page Blur

Protection menu items in CSS console


Problem Files Rescan Functionality

Any problem files that are found to be infected, unscannable, suspicious, or have an error can now be rescanned.

Additionally, if a file is found to be unscannable or produces an error upon being scanned, that data will not be added to the amount of billable data until it produces a successful result of clean, infected, or suspicious.


Proactive Monitoring

In line with larger product development efforts, Proactive Monitoring functionality allows the customer's console and agent to detect issues and create CloudWatch alarms to notify users of a broken deployment. Currently, it monitors the following:

  • Event Agent SNS Topic or Access Policy doesn't exist - if these don't exist, CSS will re-create SNS topic and automatically fix policy

  • Invalid ECS task running - if ScanQueue job status is not running or SQS Queue is missing, a notification email will be sent informing you of an unhealthy region

  • Console health check - if the console is found to be unhealthy, a notification will be sent when the CloudWatch Alarm status changes


For additional information, reference our help docs.

CSS antivirus and data classification solutions are available in a free trial format in AWS Marketplace.



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