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Cloud Storage Security Launches Terraform Module to Simplify Deployment

Rapidly Configure and Deploy Antivirus and Data Loss Prevention Solutions

May 1, 2024 – Cloud Storage Security (CSS), a leading security software provider for data stored in the cloud, announces its integration with Terraform by HashiCorp now available for immediate use. With this integration, DevOps teams and software engineers can automate the various infrastructure tasks associated with installing and deploying the malware detection and data loss prevention tooling offered by CSS.

Terraform is a widely accepted infrastructure-as-code software tool that is used to provision cloud resources safely and efficiently. Terraform modules provide users with easy access to templates for setting up and running their cloud-based infrastructure. The CSS Terraform module facilitates seamless setup and deployment of Cloud Storage Security (CSS) within an AWS environment as an alternative to AWS CloudFormation deployment. It is available in the Terraform Registry.

User Benefits

The CSS Terraform module delivers a variety of benefits, reducing human error and saving time. Easily plug CSS solutions into existing infrastructure with:

  • Simplified configuration
  • Accelerated deployment tailored to specific needs
  • Streamlined, automated setup without dependencies

Additionally, Terraform provides one location from which multi-cloud infrastructure can be managed.

Notable Features

The new Terraform integration provides easy-to-use modules that help provision CSS solutions into organizations’ cloud infrastructure and application pipeline with support for: 

  • Linked accounts (via the sub-module)
  • AWS Commercial and GovCloud deployments

"Automation is key to scaling infrastructure but also crucial to building security into the development process. With our integration with Terraform, we’re making deployment easy but also reducing the risk of human error, empowering developers and engineers to move forward faster,” says CSS Chief Product Officer Rich Vorwaller.

Getting Started

CSS fits into custom tech stacks. Terraform users can get started by subscribing to a CSS solution in AWS Marketplace and following the steps outlined in the CSS Terraform module to deploy.

About Cloud Storage Security 

Cloud Storage Security (CSS) delivers a cloud-native solution that helps protect data and storage services used in public cloud platforms. Organizations of all sizes turn to CSS to extend data privacy, meet compliance requirements, and manage data security by preventing the spread of malware, classifying sensitive data, and assessing their storage environment. CSS solutions are used worldwide because they fit into any workflow without disruption and data never leaves the customer’s account. For more information, visit Cloud Storage Security and LinkedIn.



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