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Cloud Storage Security Integrates Sophos Advanced Virus Detection Engine to Deliver Enhanced Malware Protection for Amazon S3

Cloud Storage Security, creators of Antivirus for Amazon S3, today announced an OEM partnership that will provide Cloud Storage Security customers with increased protection against malware and viruses using Sophos' award-winning anti-malware technology. By integrating Sophos’ advanced virus detection engine into Cloud Storage Security’s easy to use, cloud native scanning solution Antivirus for Amazon S3, Cloud Storage Security will provide organizations with improved protection against malware intrusion into Amazon S3.

“We chose to integrate the Sophos threat engine into our products because of its high accuracy in detecting malicious files, ease of integration and exceptional performance,” said Aaron Newman, CEO and Co-founder of Cloud Storage Security. “Sophos gives us the ability to scan extremely large data sets more quickly and meet an increasing demand from our growing customer base for the ability to scan very large, multi-gigabyte files.  Adding the Sophos virus detection engine also makes our Antivirus for Amazon S3 the only solution on AWS Marketplace that enables customers to scan their Amazon S3 environment in tenant with multiple detection engines.”

The Sophos threat engine will complement and enhance the existing levels of security inherent in Cloud Storage Security’s scanning solution, and it enables Cloud Storage Security to provide some of the most effective and efficient antimalware detection and remediation available for Amazon S3.

This enables customers to enhance the ability to identify threats in Amazon S3 by adding Sophos’ advanced detection engine to Cloud Storage Security’s existing detection engines. By scanning files leveraging multiple detection engines, customers can more accurately identify problem and infected files for remediation.  Additionally, the integrated solution will run more efficiently, can easily scale, analyze a broader range of file types, and handle large files.

Based on our internal testing, here is a throughput comparison between ClamAV and Sophos:

File Size Tests Throughput Clam AV Engine   Sophos Engine  
  GB/hr files/hr GB/hr files/hr
100 KB  ~1.77 ~17,500 ~2.40 ~24,000
1 MB ~7 ~7,000 ~22.05 ~22,000
10 MB ~9.44 ~1,000 ~92.09 ~9,200
100 MB ~10 ~100 ~147 ~1,470
500 MB ~10 ~20 ~177 ~350
1 GB ~10 ~10 ~187 ~187
1.5 GB ~10 ~7 ~165 ~110
2 GB ~10 ~5  ~160 ~80
5 GB --   ~165 ~33
10 GB -- -- ~150 ~15
15 GB -- -- ~150 ~10

Version 5.0 also includes additional new features and the full release notes are available here.

If you are interested in evaluating the latest version of Antivirus for Amazon S3 for free for 30 days, please subscribe from AWS Marketplace.


About Cloud Storage Security

Cloud Storage Security is an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner headquartered in Rochester, New York.  Its Antivirus for Amazon S3 enables customers to easily and cost-effectively protect Amazon S3 from malware.  The cloud native malware scanner can be installed in minutes, auto discovers all Amazon S3 buckets across multiple accounts and regions, provides almost immediate visibility into the prevalence of malware, and remediates problem and infected files based on user defined policies.  Customers can try Antivirus for Amazon S3 and the integration with Sophos's advanced virus detection engine for free for 30 days on AWS Marketplace.


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