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CSS Supports AWS Control Tower to Enhance Data Security

Antivirus and data classification provider allows customers to streamline deployment with AWS Control Tower

Today, data security software provider Cloud Storage Security (CSS), an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) member, announced support for AWS Control Tower’s Account Factory Customization. AWS Control Tower offers support for Account Factory Customization, enabling AWS customers to customize their new and existing accounts prior to provisioning them from within the AWS Control Tower console. Cloud Storage Security’s support of this capability allows customers to do two things: (1) deploy the CSS console when provisioning new or managing existing accounts in AWS Control Tower; (2) streamline the account protection process by using linked accounts to automatically connect to the CSS console.


About Cloud Storage Security

CSS is an AWS Public Sector Partner and AWS Marketplace seller that holds an AWS Security Competency and participates in the Authority To Operate on AWS Partner Program. CSS helps customers prevent the spread of malware as well as locate and protect sensitive data in their cloud application and data ingestion pipelines with its Antivirus and Data Classification for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

In a recent AWS Startup Showcase interview, current customer James Johnson, AVP Research & Development of fintech company iPipeline noted, “Our goal as it relates to this [next year] is to continue to move our existing applications over to AWS to run natively there, which includes moving more data into [Amazon S3] and leveraging the Cloud Storage Security solution to scan that and ensure that there are no vulnerabilities that are getting in.”

AWS Control Tower provides a single location from which customers can set up a well-architected multi-account environment to govern their AWS workloads; automate account creation; enforce best practices, standards, and regulatory requirements with preconfigured controls; and seamlessly integrate third-party software at scale to enhance their AWS environment.


Customer Benefits

With the CSS’s support of AWS Control Tower, customers:

  • Can automatically deploy the CSS console within multiple accounts natively in AWS Control Tower
  • Benefit from the flexibility to define custom resources and configurations
  • Can isolate the CSS solution from other resources because CSS dynamically creates custom networking resources
  • Save time and avoid errors by using AWS CloudFormation and launching all accounts at once
  • Experience reduced account maintenance overhead because multiple accounts can be managed from one central location
  • Use linked accounts to connect to the existing CSS console deployment, which means every bucket in their AWS account(s) will automatically be visible in the CSS console so that protection can be added to it

“Cloud Storage Security solutions are built on AWS to support organizations using AWS storage services. We’re pleased to work with AWS to offer customers support that enables fast, flexible access to data security on the cloud” said Ed Casmer, CTO, Cloud Storage Security.

“AWS Control Tower Account Factory Customization allows organizations to build well-architected multi-account AWS environments using blueprints that reduce their code under management and allows them to deploy complex configurations in a few clicks,” said Mahdi Sajjadpour, Director, AWS Marketplace Technical Services & Control Services BD at AWS. “Customers can now develop infrastructure and operational use cases, such as automating security policies across multiple accounts, securing identities and monitoring data movement and protection across all the native data stores.”


What It Costs

CSS tooling is available in AWS Marketplace with a fully-featured 30-day free trial. The product offers a consumption-based pricing structure starting with a minimum monthly subscription fee of $99 per month for the first 100 GB scanned, then a per GB charge after that. Prepaid discounts and private offers are also available.

There is no additional cost to use AWS Control Tower. However, when customers set up AWS Control Tower, they will begin to incur costs for AWS products and services configured to set up their landing zone and mandatory controls.


How to Enable the CSS-Control Tower Integration

To deploy CSS from AWS Control Tower, a subscription for CCS Antivirus for Amazon S3 or CCS Data Classification for Amazon S3 is required and can be obtained in AWS Marketplace. Customers can subscribe to both solutions and run them independently or as a unified product. Once they’ve subscribed, they can deploy the product from AWS Control Tower. Detailed steps are listed on the AWS Marketplace Blog in Automate Cloud Storage Security deployment using Account Factory Customization.   


Agencies and enterprises of all sizes turn to Cloud Storage Security (CSS) to extend data privacy, meet compliance requirements, and manage data security. Specifically, they turn to CSS to prevent the spread of malware and locate sensitive data. CSS solutions are used worldwide for applications and data lakes built on cloud storage because they fit into any workflow and data never leaves the customer’s account. Take advantage of a 30 day free trial. Contact CSS for more information.


You can find the original press release here.  



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