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320 Technologies and Cloud Storage Security Announce Partnership

Newly formed alliance integrates the fastest path to regulatory framework compliance with the ability to automate data security in the AWS cloud

Today, Cloud Storage Security (CSS), a leading data security software provider for AWS storage services, and 320 Technologies, an AWS Services delivery partner who builds and delivers secure, regulatory compliant landing zones, announce their partnership. This collaboration brings together CSS's data discovery, antivirus protection, data loss prevention and reporting capabilities with 320 Technologies' implementations services, which allow customers to quickly comply with frameworks such as HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, FedRAMP, StateRAMP as well as GovCloud environments.

320 Technologies is an AWS Public Sector Partner that embodies the highest level of expertise in AWS with a core focus on security at every layer, starting at layer 0. They help customers across the AWS Commercial and GovCloud regions by assessing and then creating a standardized, well architected design for deploying framework-compliant AWS landing zones. This approach delivers significant time savings and efficiency for customers in the design, configuration, and deployment stages of a compliant-ready deployment.

CSS is an AWS Public Sector Partner with an AWS Qualified Software offering, AWS Security competency, and an AWS Authority to Operate designation. They enable customers to prevent the spread of malware, classify sensitive data, and perform assessments for AWS storage. Customers around the world rely on CSS to scan data in AWS storage such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to meet regulatory and compliance frameworks in addition to preventing breaches.

CSS and 320 Technologies recently helped a US Public Sector customer stand up a secure and SOC2 compliant AWS landing zone with a tight deadline. 320 Technologies was able to quickly deploy a standardized SOC2 compliant, Well Architected Framework architecture for the organization, with the appropriate access rights. With a 15 minute installation and deployment, CSS was easily implemented within the customer's AWS environment to meet requirements for malware scanning and reporting on a routine schedule. 320 Technologies then worked with the customer's Amazon S3 bucket and establish a document flow that allowed for automatic quarantining of infected files. The CSS-320 Technologies partnership allowed the customer to meet the requirements of deploying a secure and SOC2 compliant environment AWS landing zones ahead of the deployment deadline, saving the customer time and coming in under budget for the project.

Scott Mathewson, Director of Channels at CSS, notes "This partnership brings even more value to CSS's data classification and antivirus solutions with 320 Technologies providing certified AWS resources and pre-defined compliant landing zones. This ensures that customers can quickly meet strict compliance guidelines for Financial, Government, and Healthcare mandates."

Sharon Prince, Lead Cloud Enterprise Architect and Strategist at 320 Technologies adds, "This partnership solidifies 320's core value of delivering built-in compliance and security to new or existing cloud enterprises, enabling teams to move to the cloud quickly and securely with all the necessary guardrails already in place."

Learn more and get started with 320 Technologies and Cloud Storage Security in AWS Marketplace: Implementation Anti-virus/Anti-malware scanning-S3, FSx, EFS, EBS by 320.



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