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Kion and Cloud Storage Security Announce Partnership

Newly formed alliance integrates data plane and control plane governance to deliver data privacy and security by default in AWS cloud

November 10, 2023 Today, Cloud Storage Security (CSS), a leading data security software provider for AWS storage services, and Kion, a cloud enablement solution provider, announce their partnership. This collaboration integrates CSS’s data discovery and antivirus protection capabilities with Kion’s single-platform solution, which helps organizations simplify management and governance in the cloud.

Together, Kion and CSS help customers address each layer of the customer portion of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. Kion helps customers manage the control plane layer through user authentication and management, assistance in setting up cloud environments, and reporting. CSS provides security controls and reporting at the data layer.

Kion is an AWS Public Sector Partner with AWS Cloud Operations competency, AWS Government Software competency, AWS Security competency, and an AWS Authority To Operate designation. They help customers across the AWS Commercial, GovCloud, Top Secret, and Secret regions with cloud setup and provisioning, identity and access controls, financial management, and compliance. Kion is multi-cloud governance software that provides clearer visibility into cloud usage, better ways to control costs, and more scalable methods to automate compliance in the cloud.

CSS is an AWS Public Sector Partner with an AWS Qualified Software offering, AWS Security competency, and an AWS Authority To Operate designation. They enable customers to prevent the spread of malware, classify sensitive data, and perform assessments for AWS storage. Customers around the world rely on CSS to fill a gap in AWS-native security services and scan data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), as well as other storage services, to meet regulatory and compliance frameworks in addition to preventing breaches.

The CSS-Kion integration delivers data privacy and security by default by streamlining governance and enabling customers to automate control management and monitoring. CSS-generated scan results are submitted to Kion in order to provide a single compliance view between the applications. Customers can enroll accounts into CSS protection automatically from Kion.

Scott Mathewson, Director of Channels at CSS, notes, "This integration brings even more value to our solution findings with Kion being able to leverage that data for continuous compliance to ensure ultimate protection and reporting, which allows customers to have a robust security posture."

Shane Quinlan, Vice President of Product at Kion, adds, “Bringing the power of Kion governance and security to customer data with ‘CSS by default’ on Kion-managed AWS accounts is a powerful capability for our customers.”

Learn more about the integration in Kion and Cloud Storage Security Launch Integration to Enhance AWS Cloud Data Privacy and Security.



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