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Thoropass and Cloud Storage Security Announce Partnership

Newly formed alliance delivers data security and automates monitoring to accelerate compliance

Cloud Storage Security (CSS), a leading data security software provider for AWS storage services, and Thoropass, an industry leader in infosec compliance and audits, announce their partnership. By combining Thoropass’s powerful automation, unmatched expertise, and high-quality audits with CSS’s data discovery, antivirus protection, data loss prevention and reporting capabilities, customers simplify and accelerate compliance with HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HITRUST, ISO 27001 and more.

Thoropass is an AWS Global Security and Compliance Accelerator Partner with an AWS Healthcare competency. They streamline the compliance process by automating evidence gathering and control mapping. With access to compliance experts, automated controls and continuous monitoring, they ensure high-quality audits that stand the test of enterprise procurement.

CSS is an AWS Public Sector Partner with an AWS Qualified Software offering, AWS Security competency, and an AWS Authority to Operate designation. They enable customers to prevent the spread of malware, classify sensitive data, and perform assessments for data stored in the cloud. Customers around the world rely on CSS to scan data in AWS storage such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to meet regulatory and compliance frameworks in addition to preventing breaches.

The CSS-Thoropass partnership helps customers run efficient compliance programs, while meeting the compliance framework requirements for malware/virus security and data inventory/classification processes. By prioritizing data security, streamlining governance, and automating control management and continuous monitoring, customers achieve compliance quickly and cost-effectively.

Scott Mathewson, CSS’s Director of Channels highlights, "Our partnership enhances customers’ ability to protect sensitive data and prevent malware, expediting Thoropass audit, risk management, and overall compliance timelines. This ensures customers quickly meet rigorous compliance standards for financial, Government, and healthcare regulations with efficiency."

Francois Grenier, Head of Partnerships at Thoropass, adds “Information Security Compliance can be intimidating. Our mission is to make this a breeze for our customers through deep automation. Teaming up with simple and powerful solutions like Cloud Storage Security allows us to provide our customers with the strongest value ecosystem in the market, the fastest path to compliance and the highest quality audits.” 


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