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CTAC and Cloud Storage Security Announce Strategic Partnership

New alliance offers AWS Storage Data Protection and Deep Mission Expertise in Cloud Security and Data Services for Regulatory Compliance

CTAC, a leading provider of complex IT solutions for the public sector, and Cloud Storage Security (CSS), a pioneer in data security solutions for cloud storage, are proud to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration brings together the expertise and capabilities of two industry leaders to offer clients streamlined implementation and management of security compliance.

With over three decades of experience, CTAC has been at the forefront of delivering digital transformation, cloud architecture, and data solutions with mission critical consulting and management services which perfectly complements Cloud Storage Security’s antivirus and data loss prevention solutions.

Together, the companies offer organizations deep level expertise implementing data transformation and CSS’s ability to help organizations quickly discover, scan, secure and report on infected files and sensitive data. This partnership provides our clients a quicker implementation of data transformation solutions while ensuring that security and compliance are key components of the outcomes.


Key Benefits of the Partnership


  • Enhanced Cloud Security: Combining CTAC's comprehensive IT solutions with CSS's specialized security measures to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements, offering peace of mind for our clients.
  • Operational Excellence: Providing advanced technology solutions that drive efficiency and support mission-critical transformations.
  • Rapid Implementation: Accelerating the deployment of data transformation solutions while maintaining high security and compliance standards.


“Joining forces with CTAC allows us to bring deep expertise in securing data to the public sector” stated Scott Mathewson, Director of Channels at CSS. “This partnership will allow customers to rapidly reach compliance much more efficiently.”

“Our partnership with CSS allows us to expand our cloud security capabilities and deliver unparalleled protection for our clients’ sensitive data,” said CTAC’s CTO Aaron Stowell. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to thinking boldly and connecting deeply with our clients to meet their unique needs.”

About Cloud Storage Security (CSS)

Organizations of all sizes turn to Cloud Storage Security (CSS) to extend data privacy, meet compliance requirements, and manage data security. Specifically, they turn to CSS to prevent the spread of malware, prevent data loss, and assess their storage environment. CSS solutions are used worldwide because they fit into any workflow without disruption and data never leaves the customer’s account. CSS is an AWS Public Sector Partner and AWS Marketplace seller with an AWS qualified software offering, AWS security competency, and an AWS Authority to Operate designation. For more information, visit or take advantage of a free trial in AWS Marketplace.

About CTAC

CTAC has over 30 years of experience providing complex IT solutions across the public sector. This wide-ranging perspective enables CTAC to boldly think outside the box in meeting clients’ missions with impact. CTAC’s management approach combines deep knowledge of the federal space, application of up-to-date industry best practices, and a constantly evolving commitment to technical excellence. This ensures they meet clients where they are, answering the ask and digging deeper, showing up and staying connected, and getting it done and getting it right. CTAC provides public sector clients with solutions in five capability areas: cloud, cyber, digital, DevOps, and data. For more information, visit

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