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ADEC Innovations Guarantees Customers Malware-Free Reports

Customer Challenge

ADEC Innovations hosts an application on AWS that collects environmental data, charts, and assets from public sources and aggregates these resources as elements in a pdf report for environmental professionals. The reports are stored in Amazon S3 buckets and delivered to customers via automated email.

Occasionally, customers would report that the delivery of the file had been blocked by their firewall or that the local device’s endpoint solution warned the user of potential malicious code embedded in the report.

Even though all suspected files were examined and determined to be clean from malware, ADEC Innovations could not assure customers that the reports were safe since elements of the reports came from public sources.

Requirements for Solution

After investigating several instances of these “false positives,” ADEC Innovations determined that they needed a solution to scan all reports so they could guarantee customers that the reports were free from malware infection.

Since ADEC Innovations manages their AWS infrastructure internally, they needed a solution that their internal team could easily deploy and manage on their own. The virus scanning process also had to integrate into their existing application workflow without impacting the application’s performance. Specifically, they needed:

  • A tool that integrates with Amazon S3 buckets to scan existing and new files for viruses
  • Minimal effort to deploy and maintain the tool, allowing for a “set it and forget it” approach
  • An easy-to-use solution that would eliminate the need to write scripts
  • A fairly priced option that would bypass having to implement costly enterprise software

“We reviewed multiple solutions but decided to go with Antivirus for Amazon S3 because it was so simple to setup yet robust to use.

The solution enables us to assure our customers that our reports and deliverables are safe and free from malware.”

Dan Iorg, CIO, ADEC Innovations


Cloud Storage Security Antivirus for Amazon S3

Determining quickly that they would not build a homegrown solution, ADEC Innovations researched solutions on AWS Marketplace. After shortlisting a few options, they initiated free trial subscriptions for of all the products, including Antivirus for Amazon S3 by Cloud Storage Security.

The ADEC Innovations team was able to deploy Antivirus for Amazon S3 more quickly than the other solutions they shortlisted on AWS Marketplace. Additionally, because Antivirus for Amazon S3 is a more modern, Fargate Container based solution, they determined that their total cost of ownership for the product would be 50% lower than the other lambda and EC2 based solutions.

Results and Benefits

Upon deployment, the ADEC Innovations team utilized Antivirus for Amazon S3’s retro scanning to baseline several terabytes of existing reports for malware within a few hours. The scan of all existing data assured ADEC Innovations that all their existing reports were indeed free from malware.

Leveraging the product’s event-based scanning, ADEC Innovations scans 3GBs of new data and reports daily. Because the event-based scanning function integrated so seamlessly into their application workflow, ADEC Innovations employees and customers did not report any negative effects on application workflow and customer report delivery. Deployment of Antivirus for Amazon S3 is also aiding ADEC Innovations’ planned efforts to achieve PCI and SOC 2 compliance.

Moreover, Antivirus for Amazon S3 enables the ADEC Innovations sales team to respond definitively to security conscious customers who ask about the company’s security practices during their vendor selection process.

Moving forward with Cloud Storage Security

Customers interested in evaluating Antivirus for Amazon S3 can subscribe to a 30 day free trial on AWS Marketplace. The cloud native malware scanner can be installed in minutes, auto discovers all Amazon S3 buckets across multiple accounts and regions, provides immediate visibility into the prevalence of malware, and remediates problem and infected files based on user defined policies.

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