Integrating Amazon S3 Malware Scanning into Your Application Workflow with Cloud Storage Security

A wide range of solutions ingest data, store it in Amazon S3 buckets, and share it with downstream users. Often, the ingested data is coming from third-party sources, opening the door to potentially malicious files. This technical deep dive explores how Antivirus for Amazon S3 by Cloud Storage Security allows you to quickly and easily deploy a multi-engine anti-malware scanning solution to manage file protection and malware findings.

This post is published on the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog and is written by Gokhul Srinivasan, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, ISV Startups – AWS, Aron Eidelman, Contributing Author – AWS, and Ed Casmer, CTO – Cloud Storage Security. It was one of the most viewed APN blog posts in 2022.

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