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Automate Cloud Storage Security deployment using Account Factory Customization

AWS Control Tower offers account factory customization, enabling you to customize your new and existing AWS accounts prior to provisioning them from within the AWS Control Tower console.  Adding customizations via this native AWS feature saves you time and labor.

Cloud Storage Security (CSS) helps you detect and prevent the spread of malware as well as locate and protect sensitive data in AWS-managed storage services with our antivirus and data classification offerings. We're proud to support AWS Control Tower to enhance data security.  

Learn how to automate CSS deployment and streamline your account protection process using account factory customization in your AWS Control Tower environment in an article published on the AWS Marketplace Blog. Gokhul Srinivasan, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, ISV Startups – AWS and Ed Casmer, CTO – Cloud Storage Security walk through the prerequisites, solution architecture and deployment.

Read the full article on the AWS Marketplace Blog now >>




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