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Learn how CISOs, Engineers, and Security Specialists are solving time-sensitive security challenges, reducing effort, saving money, and achieving compliance.

    You Asked, We Delivered: Cloud Storage Security Now Supports Amazon EBS and EFS

    Organizations can now validate the security and compliance of their Amazon EBS and Amazon EFS volumes with in-tenant malware scanning and data...

    Simplify and Secure File Transfers with AWS Transfer Family and Cloud Storage Security
    Malware Scanning Merges with Managed File Transfers in Cloud Storage Security...

    Organizations can now validate data cleanliness and reduce the risk of ingesting and sharing infected files as a part of the cloud-native data...

    Cloud Storage Security Partners with CrowdStrike to Deliver AI-Powered Malware...

    Organizations can now leverage CrowdStrike’s machine learning technology to scan files in AWS storage for malicious code.

    Timeline of CSS solution improvements and notable accomplishments
    Cloud Storage Security Celebrates Three Years of Business

    In March of 2020, Cloud Storage Security (CSS) was founded in order to answer a complicated and often-asked question: "How can I ensure the security...

    Ingest and analyze activity events from Cloud Storage Security in AWS CloudTrail Lake
    AWS and CSS Teamed to Deliver Integration for AWS CloudTrail Lake

    Antivirus and Data Classification provider enables customers to ingest events into AWS CloudTrail for security and compliance purposes

    January 31,...

    AWS Control Tower Icon
    CSS Supports AWS Control Tower to Enhance Data Security

    Antivirus and data classification provider allows customers to streamline deployment with AWS Control Tower

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